Real Estate Investments In Toronto – A Guide For Foreign Buyers

We get many foreign investors asking us to coordinate their transactions for them here in Toronto. I thought I’d put together a quick to-do list so as to get you started on the right foot. As always, contact information is down below the article or you can live chat with us by clicking on the button on the bottom right hand side of your screen.


What qualifies as a Toronto Real Estate Investment?

We deal with a lot of commercial Toronto real estate investments. Most of our non-resident investors purchase multiplexes, apartment buildings, hotels, retail and full plazas. We also do residential investments as well: condos, land value knockdown properties & rental properties.


How can we help you with your real estate investment purchase?

  • Send listings and recommend properties
  • Contact owners of non-listed properties
  • Send pictures and videos from on site visits
  • Sign documents electronically so you do not have to be in the country
  • Pick up keys, coordinate with lawyers etc
  • Fast response times to phone calls, emails and texts


Who can invest in Toronto real estate?

Anyone can invest in Toronto real estate. Canada has an open policy when it comes to foreign real estate ownership. Since this post is geared towards foreign investors, I won’t go in to detail about citizenship but I will quickly mention it: Ownership of property is different from citizenship. Anybody can own real estate in Canada, but this does not mean that you will be able to live, work or study in Toronto. 


How will you finance your real estate investment?

Here is the biggest roadblock for foreign buyers. If you do not need a loan (a mortgage) to purchase your Toronto real estate investment, then you have eliminated 90% of the problems. All you need to do is open a Canadian Bank account and have a 5% purchase deposit ready and then the balance owing on closing.

If you are planning on getting a loan, things get a bit tougher:

  • You will need a guarantor who lives in Canada with a high network
  • You will need to get all your banking records and proof of income organized to show Canadian banks
  • You will need to come to Toronto to sign the mortgage documents
  • You can usually borrow up to 50% of the appraised value (get in contact to learn more about this)


How do I get in contact and get a list of properties from you?

The quickest way is to get in contact through live chat at the bottom right of your screen. Keep in mind the time difference. Otherwise send us an email, text or call. All the information is below. Please keep in mind the time change. You usually get a response within the hour if not a few minutes.


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