A better MLS search

Only have a few seconds? Here are the most common questions we get:

I would like to know what a house sold for.

Not a problem! Get in touch through Live Chat or send us a quick email if we are unavailable. You’ll get an answer instantly or within an hour. You don’t have to become our client or sign anything. We’re happy to help.

I'm thinking of buying/selling and just need a rough idea of prices in the area.

We’d be happy to show you recent transactions in your area. We’ll share our screen with you, jump on the MLS system and go through recent transactions in your area. You’ll get a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for a home or what your home might be worth if you’re thinking of selling.


We have a dedicated Home Evaluation page you should check out! You don’t have to become our client or sign anything. We’re happy to help.

I want to know if a property becomes available in a very specific area.

We’d be happy to set you up on a very specific search. You can set it to a specific neighbourhood,  street or even draw a custom shape on a map. If anything comes on the market, the system will send you the listing. You get this information 24 – 48 hours prior to it being available on Realtor.ca

I'm constantly checking Realtor.ca and would rather get set up on an automated search.

This page is for you! Although Realtor.ca is getting better, it is still tough to sift through the listings. We can set you up on a search that will only send out brand new listings every morning. These listings will contain more information than Realtor.ca and will be sent to you 24-48 hours before they are posted. They will also be tailored to your needs (bedrooms, parking spaces etc)


Keep reading below! If you’re interested, get in touch through Live Chat or send us a quick email.

Have a minute? keep reading! You’re probably here because you were searching for MLS on google to find your way to realtor.ca


Here’s why realtor.ca isn’t the greatest source of information and why you need to get set up on an automated search:


Listings are delayed by 24-48 hours. Some homes are already sold by the time they hit realtor.ca


Realtor.ca only shows limited information

  • -No tax information
  • -No potential possession date information
  • -No extra property information PDF
  • -No room details
  • -No days on market


Here’s what you would receive every morning in our automated search (Click to enlarge. A new window will open where you can zoom in):

You first get a quick overview of what has come on the market followed by a detailed report for each property. Let us know how you would like to filter your searches. You can add a little or as many as you want:


  • -City, area, designated boundary on a map etc
  • -Type (detacher, semi, town etc)
  • -Lot size
  • -Max or Min price
  • -Bedrooms
  • -Bathrooms
  • -Anything you’d like


So get in touch now through the live chat button in the bottom right corner or through the many ways listed on our Contact Page to set up your automated search.


Our promise: We won’t pester you with marketing emails or phone calls. Not one.


Want to go see a house? Let’s do it. Forget about any contracts or paperwork for the first viewing. Let’s just go see it.  If we’re a good fit and you’d like to go see more, then we can sit down and figure out the boring stuff.


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